DigitalNote [XDN] mining

A Bytecoin fork, DigitalNote is an open source currency based on the same CryptoNight algorithm. It is meant to be a secure and anonymous digital medium of exchange. DigitalNote is friendly for CPU mining and great for private transactions. Learn more about it here.

If you want to mine Digital Note, go to the Miner tab of our application, find DigitalNote and click Start mining in the appropriate column. CPU and GPU mining options are available.

Withdraw mined coins to your wallet or to the cryptocurrency exchange.

How to withdraw DigitalNote to your wallet
  1. Choose an appropriate DigitalNote wallet and install it.
  2. Open your Wallet in the app.
  3. Enter the desired amount of DigitalNote (leave the field blank to withdraw the whole balance).
  4. Insert your wallet address in the Address bar and finish by clicking Withdraw button again.
  5. Your coins are on their way to the wallet!
How to withdraw DigitalNote to the exchange
  1. Choose an exchange to withdraw your coins. (Check out our trusty and simple crypto exchange Changelly
  2. Go to MinerGate application, choose DigitalNote and press Withdraw.
  3. On the exchange, you will find the address and the Payment ID that you will need to insert into the application.
  4. Press Withdraw button again.
  5. Your coins are on their way to the exchange!

Open your Dashboard to take a look at the withdrawals you’ve made.

Pool fees for DigitalNote are 1.5% for PPS method and 1% for PPLNS method.

Download app and start mining